Comprehensive Towing Service

Your will never be left out in the cold with Jacobs Body Shop of Troy, Alabama. No matter what your situation, our friendly drivers provide the best towing services available.

All-Inclusive Support

When your car has broken down because you ran out of gas or were stuck in a ditch, we are here to help. Our professionals offer top-quality general towing services for cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. We currently do not offer this service for RVs and tour buses because the bumpers are too low to the ground and can cause damage. However, we can provide winching services for those vehicles as well as most cars and trucks.

Collision Cleanup

Additionally, our team provides accident cleanup to move debris from the roadway, after a collision has occurred, for the public as well as city law enforcement. This benefits the drivers as well by preventing further accidents due to blocked roadways. You can request our services instead of having the officer call their choice of company, as we are always within 30 minutes of you. Please call for pricing information.

Towing Services - Towing Service

Contact us for fast towing services when you have been in an accident or your vehicle has broken down.